Sound doctrine from the word.


The Bible

  • Is composed of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.
  • All of it is scripture, the pure words of the LORD, given by inspiration of God.
  • Is preserved faithfully by God to all generations, for ever.
  • Is faithfully translated with the aid of the Holy Spirit into the languages of God’s servants.
  • Is found in Hebrew (OT) in the Masoretic text, in Greek (NT) in the Received Text, and is perfected in English in the King James Bible.
  • Is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.
  • Each passage must first be understood in the original sense intended to be conveyed when it was written, and applied in the light of the whole of scripture.

The Gospel

  • Jesus is the Christ, the redeemer of Israel.
  • He is God the Son, one with the Father, come to earth as a man.
  • He was born of Mary while she was still a virgin, through the power of the Holy Ghost.
  • He was tempted in all points like has we are, yet without sin.
  • He died on the cross, shedding his blood as a sacrificial lamb.
  • He was laid in the grave for three days.
  • He descended into hell, and conquered it, freeing the OT saints.
  • He rose again on the third day.
  • After being seen of witnesses for 40 days, he ascended into heaven.
  • He now sits on the right hand of God.
  • He will return to earth in glory.
  • He will rule over the kingdoms of the world for 1000 years.
  • He will then reign with his Father over a new earth for ever and ever.
  • Through his death he made atonement for the sin of all mankind.
  • Thus all who believe on him for salvation receive forgiveness of their sins.
  • Upon belief they are born again and filled with the Spirit of God.
  • Through Christ’s death, they are delivered from the flesh to walk after the Spirit.
  • Through Christ’s resurrection, they are delivered from death and hell.
  • Therefore all who believe on his name will dwell with him forever in righteousness, as the children of God.
  • And there is none other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved.

The Church

  • Is the body and bride of Christ.
  • Is an organism and not an organization or institution.
  • Is the congregation of the saints, the group of all those who believe the gospel.

The Beginning

  • The creation of all things is literally described in Genesis chapter 1.
  • This began when God created the heaven and the earth before all days, and inhabited it with the angels.
  • That original world was destroyed with a flood, and plunged into darkness, the state described in Genesis 1:2.
  • The rest of the chapter describes God’s making of the present world and all that it contains in six ordinary days.

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The Fall

  • When Adam sinned he fell from righteousness.
  • As a result the perfect creation was subjected to a curse.
  • Adam was condemned to mortality, and as his children, in him we all die.
  • This death was entirely physical, not spiritual.
  • Though the condemnation of death passed upon all men, the guilt of Adam’s sin did not, and we are born sinless, not having done any good or evil.

The End

  • God will finish his work with the church when all peoples are represented in the body of Christ.
  • Then the church, his bride, his own body, will be taken up from the earth and into heaven.
  • Seven years of tribulation will then come upon the earth.
  • In the midst of the seven years, the antichrist will declare himself God.
  • Israel will reject him, and suffer persecution for the remaining three and a half years.
  • At the end of the time of Jacob’s trouble, Christ will return bodily to the earth.
  • All the saints will return with him in glory.
  • He will smite the armies of the antichrist with the flaming sword of his word.
  • He will set up his kingdom upon mount Zion.
  • He will send healing and fruitfulness throughout all the earth.
  • His people of Israel will be brought to him by all of the righteous among the nations.
  • They will be established in peace and prosperity in the promised land.
  • The remaining wicked will be destroyed.
  • Christ will reign for 1000 years, while the devil is imprisoned.
  • At the end of the millennium, Satan will be loosed.
  • He will deceive the nations of the world, who will come against Israel.
  • God the Father will come from heaven to burn them with fire, and destroy the earth.
  • The kingdom of Christ will not be moved, but will remain.
  • A new heavens and new earth will be created by God.
  • And upon them he will dwell with man for ever.


  • Are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  • Were called by God to inherit the promised land.
  • Were promised by God that their kingdom would rule over the Gentiles.
  • Will all be saved upon the return of Christ.
  • And these gifts and calling of God are without repentance.