Sound doctrine from the word.


Hi, I’m J.D. Grimes, and this site is a repository for audio and notes from my Bible teaching. What you will find here are not traditional sermons or feel-good inspirational messages, but sound doctrine taught straight from the word of God. The goal is to understand each verse as God originally meant it, and then discern how it might relate to us today in light of the whole of scripture. A result of such study is a comprehension of truth that is both deep and broad.

You may find that my teaching does not conform to any particular predefined set of doctrines or theology. Instead, I seek to conform wholly to the word of God, by teaching it faithfully. I don’t consider myself an associate of any particular denomination or sect. When asked my religion, I reply, “Bible-believing Christian.” However, you can learn more about my specific beliefs on this page.

I do not have any formal training or “qualifications”, for my doctrine is not of man, neither by man, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ, that is, by the holy scriptures. I therefore minister as of the ability which God giveth, that God in all things might have the preeminence.

The lesson audio you’ll find here is generally recorded while I’m teaching a small group of believers, consisting mainly of family, that meet in a farmhouse in Davidsonville, Maryland, each Sunday morning. There may sometimes be background noise from the farm, especially in the summer when the windows are open because there is no A/C. You may occasionally hear cows, chickens, or the calls of wild birds. Even rain on the tin roof on a rainy day. So my apologies for any distractions or other defects in the audio.

I usually try to upload the audio on the same day that it is recorded, but sometimes I may not get around to it until the next week.

You can contact me to learn more, or if you have any questions about my teaching.