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Genesis 1 — The Theistic Evolution Version

Proponents of theistic evolution often argue that Genesis 1 seems like it is speaking of special creation only because it was written to an ancient audience, that would not have been able to understand evolution. This is false on every level, and I wrote the below to demonstrate that it is certainly possible to accurately convey evolution in language that anyone can grasp and understand.

In the beginning God began to create all things. He began to create a very long time ago. And when he began to create, he first created a very small point. And the point was exceeding small, yet within it were all things contained, though not yet formed.

And God began to expand the point into the heavens and the earth. And it took a very long time, for the heaven is exceeding large, and the point was exceeding small.

And after a very long time, God began to form the sun, and the stars. And God caused the earth to begin to form. And God caused the earth to be divided, and from the division the moon was formed.

And after a very long time God saw the earth, and, behold, it was covered with water. So God caused the waters to be divided, and the waters above formed the heaven, and the waters below formed the seas. And God caused dry land to appear on the earth.

And God began to create life. And first he made very simple creatures, and exceeding small. And these he placed in the seas.

And the creature produceth many generations, and over many generations its form is changed, so that from these small creatures are all living things descended. For the form of the living thing changeth after many generations.

And the life was first in the sea, and after a very long time of many generations, the creatures began to become many kinds of fishes, and some many kinds of plants. And after many more generations, these began to be able to walk upon the land, and to grow upon the land, and from them descended all things which are upon the land: the cattle, and creeping things, and fowls which fly in the open firmament of heaven; and all grass, and herbs, and trees.

And after many generations, man also was descended from them.

And God saw man, that he was greater than all other living things, yet he had no soul. So God took a man, and called his name Adam, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

And the man also had a wife, whose name was Eve.

And the Lord God planted a garden, eastward in Eden, and God placed the man and his wife in the garden to dress it and keep it.


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